Soul Shack Sisters

Realistic Expectations for the Recovering Perfectionist

February 02, 2022 Tonya De'laine Season 3 Episode 2
Soul Shack Sisters
Realistic Expectations for the Recovering Perfectionist
Show Notes

If you listened to our last episode, "Recharge your Soul & RENEW YOU, I touched on some rituals that I do to set intentions for the upcoming year but the one thing that I didn't address is how we can actually sabotage ourselves in manifesting our intentions, goals, and resolutions before we even begin.  I like to call it Identity Sabotage.  If you're like me, we place way too high expectations on ourselves on purpose.  It's an unconscious defense mechanism that we created way back in time to protect ourselves from disappointment.  I know that sounds INSANE, right?  Like, why would we set high goals with the actual intention to NOT reach them?  Well, that's the keyword \" intention\."  We don't consciously know we are doing it.  Of course, we wouldn't deliberately set ourselves up for failure, yet that is precisely what we are doing when MOST of us set goals and resolutions.  We SAY we want to do this or that, achieve this, stop doing that but deep down inside, under the murky layers of our subconscious, lies the unconscious mind.  
In this episode, I break down the Murky Muddle Puddle of our Mind and get to the ROOT cause of our Perfectionism.  I outline how to spot it, what questions to ask yourself when setting Realistic Goals, and lay out an action plan to help support us towards achieving HEALTHY Goals with Realistic Expectations.  

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