Soul Shack Sisters

Connect to your Inner GURU

February 22, 2022 Tonya De'laine Season 3 Episode 3
Soul Shack Sisters
Connect to your Inner GURU
Show Notes

Connect to your Inner Guru with special Guest Travis!!  

Travis is a Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Coach.   
In this episode, we discuss how to connect with your inner Guru and inner healer and realize that YOU are never alone.  We talk about the journey of self-realization and the power of the pause.  We talk about why it's important to sit in the DIM to ignite your inner light and wisdom.  We realize we are never alone when we connect to this Universal Source Energy and learn how to use it to enhance our own psychic and healing gifts.

We discuss the signs and symptoms we experience when we are allowing the external world to control our thoughts and reach for other self-defeating coping mechanisms to avoid, run and hide from the truth PLUS share some tips on how YOU can start connecting to your inner GURU today.   
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