Soul Shack Sisters

Addicted to Failure

May 10, 2022 Tonya De'laine
Soul Shack Sisters
Addicted to Failure
Show Notes

Are you Addicted to Failure?  Our newest episode of the Soul Shack Sisters addresses this question with supportive evidence that proves we just might be Addicted to Failure.  Dump the Excuses or Bad Habit Theory, it's time to get to the ROOT CAUSE of a deeper condition that creates the Symptoms keeping you from starting, stopping, or worse yet not even trying.  Stop beating yourself up as to WHY you aren't where you think you should be, or WHY you can't seem to lose that weight, get that promotion, start that business, or write that book.  We have been looking at it all wrong. 

In this episode, Tonya will address the TRUTH behind our Addiction and how we can recover from the symptoms once and for all.  

She'll break it down step by step providing a PROVEN strategy to RESET our thinking patterns to break the Identity Sabotage Loop in your mind.

She'll break down the top 6 signs your mind has been Hijacked and possibly Addicted to Failure.

Learn about your USB and apply the ISL method to take back your power, and awaken your Inner Compass to guide you on the pathway from Failure to Success.   

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