Soul Shack Sisters

Plug Back into your Power Source and Heal

June 15, 2022 Tonya De'laine Season 3 Episode 7
Soul Shack Sisters
Plug Back into your Power Source and Heal
Show Notes

Plug Back into your Power Source & Heal is an episode focused on Recovering from Chronic Illness and any other Health Issue that is holding you back.  We discuss the power of the word and how labels can harm us, not help us.  When we identify as our label or illness, we close our mind-body connection to any other solution and fall victim to it.
We address the elephant in the room, "traditional medicine," and challenge the way we look at health care.  We question these traditional approaches to give you back the power over your health and healing journey. 
YOU are your own advocate, and we are here to give you a voice. 

This Episode respects the health industry and understands there is only so much they can do to heal us from our chronic diagnoses.  Instead, we dive deeper within and get to the ROOT cause of the symptoms and conditions that are keeping us sick. 

Hear how Khristee listened to her GUT and took her health into her own hands, and healed holistically with the power of her mind and nature. 
You can too!

Let's Dive in!
xoxo Tonya De'laine

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Khristee Rich is a holistic health expert, healer, and writer who advocates for women's health and wellness. With over twenty years as a researcher and seventeen years as a holistic expert, she empowers women to heal their chronic conditions and trauma by using a holistic approach, her powerful energy work, and the natural medicine of the Earth so that they become vibrant, joyful women. Khristee is currently writing a three-book series on childbirth around the world through a holistic perspective.

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